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Digital Printing


Take advantage of the technology that's revolutionizing marketing today with Corporate Graphics digital print capabilities. We will help you develop a strategy to attract more students --- and better qualified ones. Direct mail pieces personalized to prospective candidates speak to their specific academic interest, and generate greater involvement. We do this through variable data text and images tailored to their preferences.

We'll show you how to maximize your marketing budget with micro-websites for different departments and Personalized URLs (PURLs) with individual landing pages for each prospective applicant. Add email follow-ups, which carry the same customized look as the DM campaign and the PURLs. Get your prospects' attention and show them that you want them at your school.

Find out how Corporate Graphics can work with you to develop a multiple-touchpoint campaign which results in a dramatic increase in awareness, response and enrollment.

Variable Data Management

Variable Data ManagementThe use of Variable Data in direct mail campaigns has been shown to multiply the response rate and drastically increase return on investment. Corporate Graphics has the tools and the know how to put cutting edge Variable Data Management to work for you.

We integrate print expertise with database knowledge, graphic-design skills, and marketing know-how. A model for carrying out a successful variable data campaign consists of three phases: customer acquisition, campaign execution, and measurement of results.


  • Involve and influence all the stakeholders. Include not only the people who buy print services but also the marketing managers who know your customers best and who make decisions about marketing budgets.
  • We then help you compare Variable Data Management to web personalization. Web sites "remember" your prospect and welcomes him or her the next time he or she visits the site. This is an effective way to communicate how business rules can drive both content and graphics.
  • Marketing programs should always have measurable results to determine their cost-effectiveness. We help you focus on the overall value of personalized communications - in particular, the higher returns from such marketing - instead of the cost of printing alone.


Social Media

Big Idea #1Twitter, Facebook, MySpace

There are many Colleges and Universities who have embraced social media to great benefit. Division I, II, and even D-III schools now have Social Media platforms.

Instilling the discipline of Social Media into your school's marketing efforts will have a dramatic affect on how the college is perceived. Academia has demonstrated that the integration of Social Media channels such as Departmental Micro-Sites, PURL's, Alumni as an advising resource, and Blogging can each provide tangible, and actionable, results.

"A student's propensity to discover and share, means they will use any tool that comes to hand in order to find information and let a college's network know what they want from them."

Corporate Graphics has the expertise to create a Social Media platform for your school that will allow all prospective and current students to know more about you, and make an informed choice about enrollment and retention!

Big Idea #2

"A school Blog, kept up-to-date with regular, accessible and informative posts, can be an ongoing resource to enhance campus life, create interest, and promote the exchange of ideas..."

BlogFrankly, today's students are savvy. Access to information and user-generated content on the web has meant greater choice, not just regarding what content they engage with, but also how they get involved. A well-written blog can be a gold mine of great relations with the student community. It also provides incredible insight and data that marketers of bygone days could only have dreamt of.

Blog Beginnings

  • Ask yourself what your aims are. Is it about just PR and news, or are you going to provide help and support? We've found that content that's helpful and has a little more interactive substance is more engaging. Be careful your readers don't bounce off the page thinking "so what?" They've taken the time to come to your school's site, so make sure there's some kind of action involved or they feel enriched in some way for having spent time reading your words.
  • Who is going to manage the blog? It must be kept current. There's nothing worse than clicking on a blog and seeing no new entries for a few months. If you can't be bothered to keep your students interested, how can you expect to keep them happy?
  • Once you've set your blogging mantra, how will you measure success? Increased traffic? More comments? How do you define your ROI? What's the return on investment or the return on inaction? It helps to have goals as they keep you focused, and help tell your story internally.

Corporate Graphics can easily set up a Blog for you on any number of platforms and provide your school with an official voice, albeit in a more casual and conversational tone.


Personalized URLsA PURL is a personalized landing page for an applicant or an accepted student prospect. Studies have shown when you design and offer personalized pages for a prospect, enrollment increases dramatically. Data segmentation, and customized landing pages focuses a student quickly on what you have to offer them. This in turn allows them to gather more detailed information in their area of interest. We collect and manage information of student visits to PURL's, allowing you to quickly follow-up with phone calls, personal emails, and/or invitations.


e-Viewbooks, e-BrochuresCapture the attention of student prospects through personalized digital viewbooks. Corporate Graphics segments the data on your applicants admissions and converts prospective students into enrolled students with unique, innovative E-Viewbooks. Each viewbook is customized and tailored to a student’s interests.

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds Let Corporate Graphics show you how to ease communication with and increase participation of students with the use of RSS feeds. We can custom build and manage this notification method into your existing website, allowing student subscribers to have instant access to new information.

Quick Response Barcodes For Smart Phone Application

QR Codes Want to communicate with students where they live? QR codes can do that! They're an emerging marketing technique, a two-dimensional bar code allowing mobile phones to communicate via the Web. Use QR codes in a multi-channel campaign that Corporate Graphics can help you build -- and see increased lead generation and response rates.

Printing & Lithography

Printing and LithographyPrinting is precise. Commercial printers use high speed equipment and multi-million dollar machines to produce your work - it's more complicated than just putting ink on paper. To ensure the ultimate quality and integrity of your job you want to make sure you are printing with people who know what they are doing.

Here at Corporate Graphics, we print collateral marketing materials and multi-part/continuous forms as well as letter inserts, posters, and envelopes for some of the largest and most recognizable companies in the world. They demand the best and we always deliver.

If you want your printing to stand out, contact us today. We'll give you the best pricing available and service that tells you we value your business.

Envelope Production

Envelope Production

We have been producing envelopes for our clients for over 25 years. Whether you need commodity, white wove, or full-color envelopes with multiple windows and/or perforations, we know how to get your project done. We take pride in being the best when it comes to producing complex "value added" direct mail envelope packages with critical turnaround times. Why not send us a quote and see how much we can help you?

We look forward to providing you with the best envelope products and service in the industry.

Bindery Services

Bindery ServicesCorporate Graphics offers the latest in bindery technology. From simple spiral binding to hardcover book production we have the tools to make your job come out looking the way it was meant to.



Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

Capable of handling documents up to 82'' wide Corporate Graphics uses the most advanced sheet fed press in the world to produce the finest posters and banners available.



You can have your letterhead printed anywhere, but no one can match the quality generated by the experts at Corporate Graphics. From the finest papers to custom inks, foil stamping, and watermarking, Corporate Graphics does it all.




Media Kits & Collateral Marketing MaterialsMedia Kits and Collateral Marketing Materials

Whether you're a college, a charity, or a business, people want to know what you do, and how that compares to your competitors. More importantly, you want them to know. Custom designed media kits from Corporate Graphics get that information across. Whether you want to highlight your new product line to an important client, or show a key donor all the work your organization has done, we can give you the tools to send your message.

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